Awaken Chaos Era | APK Setup

Awaken Chaos Era is currently in the "Soft Launch" phase, meaning it is not yet available for global play. However, there is a way around that! If you have an Android emulator on your computer (Bluestacks, LD Player, ETC) OR an Android Phone Device (this won't be on IOS until launch) you can download what is known as an APK (Android Application Package) file, and play the game right now!

Firstly, Download either Bluestacks, LD Player, or another emulator of your choosing to play on PC. I have used both Bluestacks and LD player, so I just recommended them from experience.

Next, once you have the emulator installed, or if you would like to play on your Android cell device, you will need to download the APK file, which you can find here. Updated APK 01/12/2022

Download the APK, and launch your emulator or APK installer if, on Android phone, there are several for free in the play store. If using Bluestacks, or LD player, you will see on the right-side panel a button that says "APK". Simply open this area, drag your downloaded APK file in, and it will install on its own...and that is it! Easy!

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