Awaken Chaos Era | Arena Defense Tier List

Meta's are always changing. We'll be adding and updating tier lists as we go. Please join us in Discord to join in on the tier list discussion! DISCORD LINK

We'll be adding a tier list for each section of the game. Coming very soon!

Tons of heroes in the right team and vs the right content can easily be moved up a tier. We'll explore those in a more in-depth article soon.

Currently, the meta is based around two things, stall, which is the best tier, and to a much lesser extent, speed. Stall was "nerfed" in the most recent update by reducing the damage the time out lightning does, however it was not enough of a nerf to change the meta. Stall is currently the go-to strategy for Arena Defense.

L - Legendary | EP - Epic | EL - Elite

SS Tier PvP Defense

  • Corrupt Orakh L- This is the king right here. Paired with Hakrin this duo is extremely hard to kill. Corrupt Orakh has a perfect kit to help stall your enemies from winning, and due to his passive, essentially makes the lightning tick faster from stalling. Equip him in a full Revival set to be even harder to kill.

S Tier PvP Defense

  • Hakrin EP- The other half of the dynamic duo when paired with Corrupt Orakh. However, he does not need to be paired with Corrupt Orakh to succeed. His passive, making your team tankier, while having a stun, as well as a team-wide stackable HP up, makes this guy THE best utility character in the game for stall PVP teams. You want to equip Harkin in a full Vanguard set.

A Tier PvP Defense

  • Celestial Kane EP- Celestial Kane just screams stall. He has an AOE that applies full immunity to your team for 1 turn, a stun, heals like a mad man off his basic attack, and has the ability to passively dispel debuffs on your teammates. Equip Celestial Kane with a Revival set, or a Divine set to take advantage of his healing basic. Also, stack him with HP% where you can.

  • Brand L- Brand provides some amazing utility and is quite tanky himself. Anytime an ally is attacked, Brand will counterattack and place an attack down on the enemy. He also has an AOE cleanse with the big versions of Attack Up and Defense Up, as well as a taunt on basic, and a passive that provides a sizeable shield every turn. Stack Brand with HP to make use of his shield passive, and to keep him tanky.

  • Mytheasia L- The only reviver in the game, and it's an AOE! Mythesia has shields, a cleanse, and overall great healing utility. Plus, when paired with someone who buffs like Brand, you can get great use out of her passive. A Faith set works well on her.

  • Rickard EP - Extremely tanky with a self-heal, and an AOE nuke that scales off max HP. Be hard to kill, while actually killing your opponents quickly! Once again, pairs well with Hakrin. Run with a full Terra set.

  • Blackhorn L- Currently the best pure healer in the game. His totem that cleanses every turn is extremely powerful. Any tanky gear set works well.

  • Charles EL - Charles is sort of like the elite version of Rickard in that he is a tanky character that can deal damage. Charles scales with defense, and pairs particularly well with Hakrin. Charles may even be able to move up to the S tier as his shield is that hard to get around. Charles might be F2P, but he is AMAZING on defense.

  • Tia L - Nothing like stalling your opponents out than by freezing them. Her debuff also acts as a slow. Any gear set works, but speed and accuracy will be important on Tia.

  • Darkened Nicklaus L - Darkened Nick's passive gives him the ability to stall, to an extent, but if your opponent is foolish enough to target him down, without having a way to cleanse his passive, Darkened Nick can one-shot an entire team with his ultimate. Put him in your best DPS gear.

  • Windstrex EP- The queen of speed. Since speed isn't as good on arena defense, so she ranks near the bottom of A. Gear Windstrex with your best speed gear.

  • Evera L- Massive DPS, but squishy.... Gear with your best DPS sets.

  • Nathalia EP- Massive AOE DPS, but squishy...and team dependant. Gear with your best DPS sets. You can also use a Guard set to proc her passive if not using a buffer.

B Tier PvP Defense

  • Yolanda L- Provides Guard +, which is a cheat death-type ability, as well as massive shields. Also has the ability to remove negative effects on her basic.

  • Evelyn Firstdawn L - Her Ultimate ability that gives your team a bonus attack is one of the most powerful abilities in the game since you cannot lap with speed. Her passive defense up though is what makes her even more valuable on defense. Have her move last on your team so your whole team can move after she ults.

  • Valeria L - Massive AOE DPS with some self-healing. Also, wind is very popular on the attack, so having Fire is a good counter. Typical DPS gearing.

  • Lydia ( Ascended) L - This is more theory crafting than application, as I'm yet to see one with her ascended passive on defense. May be better or worse depending. typical DPS gearing.

  • William EP - The only character in the game to provide an AOE counterattack. Extreme utility, while being tanky himself. Put in any tanky gear, preferably with high speed to give your team the counterattack buff before your opponent takes a few moves.

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