Awaken Chaos Era | Arena Offense Tier List 3.0

Posted 3/15/2022

Meta's are always changing. We'll be adding and updating tier lists as we go. Please join us in Discord to join in on the tier list discussion! DISCORD LINK

We have tier lists for most sections of the game and will be continuously adding more, you can see them here.

Tons of heroes in the right team and vs the right content can easily be moved up a tier. We'll explore those in a more in-depth article soon.

Currently, the meta on defense is stall. This means, the defensive team tries to be tanky enough, that you will eventually lose due to the lightning AOE damage that begins past round 6. Your arena offense squad should look to complete two things 1. ) Win relatively quickly. 2.) Beat stall teams.

Note: Not all heroes are listed, this is for two reasons. 1.) They simply are not meta, or 2.) We haven't seen them enough in the arena to properly judge them.

L - Legendary | EP - Epic | EL - Elite

S Tier PvP Offense

  • Windstrex EP - Windtrex is the queen of speed. Her ultimate provides both an attack-up buff, and the big person of speed-up. If you want your team to move first, and have relatively short arena battles, using Windstrex is the way to go. Make sure to fully gear her in a Raider gear set.

  • Godfery L - Godfery is ranking so high at the moment due to what seems like every defense running Brand. Not only does Godfery counter Brand teams when attacking, he also counters Windstrex, or well any team that buffs. The birdman is pretty good!

  • Crazed Urzag L - Constant AOE buff stripping, and a hard-hitting execute ult, that procs another AOE. The king of cleave damage and removing buffs.

  • Lunar Melizza E - If you go first and get her ult off, especially using Windstrex, you can potentially lock out the other team for multiple turns, really busted!

  • Lightwing Zachary EP - Amazing counter to Brand when attacking. Every time Brand counters, if you have LW Zach ascended, you have a 50% chance for a bonus turn. I've had this proc an insane amount of times in a row to get a couple of ults of early and basically win the battle then and there.

  • Mytheasia L - Good have in your back pocket just in case things go wrong, or the fight ends up being a little drawn out (Her passive heals like crazy, especially on ascension 2). Faith gear is actually quite good on her, as is most people's go-to, Revival.

A Tier PvP Offense

  • Garrell - Big damage and innate tankiness make this a very strong attacker, and defense character.

  • Vance E - Can absolutely 1 shot several characters as long as they have buffs on. Very underrated nuking ability, a bit of a sleeper.

  • William EP - Could probably be in the S tier, except William himself is not doing much, but he happens to be the best support right now and makes your DPS Curse sets even better. You'll likely want William moving first for your team, so make him tanky and put him in a Raider gear set.

  • Antinua EP - She can possibly move into the S tier as her single target nuking ability is extremely strong, maybe even strong than Evera in some situations. Equip in Curse set and watch those extra attacks go nuts as long as you have Unicorns blessing on.

  • Nathalia L- The current best DPS in the game, Nathalia cranks out DPS in all game modes. Nathalia moves down on this list as she is typically paired with a William or Brand, and now that the Owl Man is loose, she will be countered.

  • Evera L- Evera is in contention for being the best DPS in the game. Currently, most arena defensive squads use Hakrin, (which Evera is a strong affinity against), and a green hero or two, namely Rickard and Mytheasia. Evera can make short work out of all of them, especially when paired with William, and a Curse gear set.

  • Valeria L- One of the very few Firenukers in the game. The current defensive meta uses several wood characters, so use Valeria to blow them up! She is one of the only heroes in the game that can utilize the Avirice gear set.

  • Virgil EP - Good base speed and an AOE silence with decent damage. Use a Raider gear set as he needs to move before the other team.

  • Gubeg L - The fastest character in-game. You can use Gubeg to attack into other speed teams with a Windstrex lead, and use the stun spell to make sure your team gets to go first. You'll want to put Gubeg into a Rebel set, and or a Raider set.

  • Zatlux EP - Team clearing ult potential, nothing much else to say. Assassin set, or your best DPS gear is the way.

  • Imogen L - A frequent assist that cleaves and does strong damage. Plus Imogen has an AOE buff removal talent. If Imogen hit just a little harder, she would be S.

  • Evelyn Firstdawn L- When going first and having one round of doing damage isn't enough to finish your enemy, why not have two rounds in a row? Have her move last on your team, but before the enemy, gear set is irrelevant. Her recent buff moves her up slightly in the rankings.

B Tier PvP Offense

  • Brand L- One of the best supports, boost your team's damage and nuke away. Pairs well with Nathalia. Any gear set works, just aim for HP% pieces to make use of his passive, and some speed.

  • Balberith L - Supposedly his ult is the hardest hitting in the game. Use this to help nuke down those pesky wood tanky characters. Equip in Curse or your best DPS gear.

  • Siress L (ascension)- Hard-hitting nuker who can cleave, and also makes herself invulnerable to ability damage. Equip in Curse or your best DPS gear.

  • Savannah L - Strong single target DPS, that unfortunately takes a couple turns to get going, even though she can still hit extremely hard. You can hack her cooldowns by pairing her with a Windstrex. Equip in Curse or your best DPS gear.

  • Ciara L - Strong AOE DPS nuker. Equip in your best DPS gear.

  • Hydrissea L - Decent AOE and damage capability, but not that great.

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