Awaken Chaos Era | Arena Offense Tier Lists

Meta's are always changing. We'll be adding and updating tier lists as we go. Please join us in Discord to join in on the tier list discussion! DISCORD LINK

We'll be adding a tier list for each section of the game. Coming very soon!

Tons of heroes in the right team and vs the right content can easily be moved up a tier. We'll explore those in a more in-depth article soon.

Currently, the meta on defense is stall. This means, the defensive team tries to be tanky enough, that you will eventually lose due to the lightning AOE damage that begins past round 6. Your arena offense squad should look to complete two things 1. ) Win relatively quickly. 2.) Beat stall teams.

03/15/2022 - Arena Offense Tier List 3.0

02/05/2022 - Arena Offense Tier List 2.0

Game Launch - Arena Offense Tierlist 1.0

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