Awaken Chaos Era | Ash Magisteria guide


Ash Magisteria's attacks

  • Summon Flames: Summons 5 Fire Imp(s) to assist in battle. Can only be triggered once per round.

  • Blaze Strike: Deals damage to an enemy and calls a joint attack from all Fire Imps.

  • Flame Bomb: Deals damage to an enemy and applies Flame Bomb for 3 turn(s). When the target dies or the countdown expires, deals True Damage to all enemies and inflicts stun on the target for 1 turn(s).

  • Flame Vortex: Deals damage to all enemies and recovers 150% of damage dealt as Health. Grants a bonus turn at the end of the round.

  • Sacrificial Cannon: Damages all enemies. IF there are surviving Fire Imps, then converts 50% of health into +500% damage bonus to Sacrificial Cannon attacks.

Madbombers skills

  • Fire Sparkle: Deals damage to an enemy, with a 50% chance to apply ignite for 2 turns..

  • Molten: Deals damage to all enemies, with a 30% chance to apply a ignite effect for turns.

Strategies and team compositions

  • AoE is going to be key to having efficient clears in this dungeon, and that is particularly where Nathalia, and Mulhex shine. Furthermore, make sure you have a cleanser for the bomb debuff in longer fights. Brand, Mary, Blackhorn and Celestial Kane can fill this role nicely.

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