Awaken Chaos Era | Flame Lizard guide


Flame Lizard's attacks

  • Spark: Each Spark increases damage by 20%. One Spark is removed when a Critical Strike is landed on this character.

  • Slayer: Grants a bonus turn upon defeating an enemy.

  • Claw Slash: Deals damage to an enemy and grants 1 Spark.

  • Flame Chain: Deals damage to an enemy and grants Spark x2.

  • Lava Burst: Deals damage to all enemies. Damage decreases based on the number of surviving Heroes on the battlefield.

Fire Imp

  • Scorching Strike: Deals damage to enemy, with a 50% chance to apply ignite for 2 turn(s).

Strategies and team compositions

  • Flame Lizard is one of the easier No Man's Land bosses in game.

  • Flame Lizard is Fire Affinity which means Water will do +50% more damage and has a 50% chance when hit to take 50% less damage.

  • Staple water heroes that are good for PVE content clearing should be used here for an easy win. Make sure to take in Nathalia, Ciera, William, Hydrissea, Mulhex, Andre, or just your strongest water characters for an easy W!

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