Awaken Chaos Era | Tier List 1.0


Meta's are always changing. We'll be adding and updating tier lists as we go. Please join us in Discord to join in on the tier list discussion! DISCORD LINK

We'll be adding a tier list for each section of the game pvp, arcane, etc.

Coming very soon!

Tons of heroes in the right team and vs the right content can easily be moved up a tier. We'll explore those in a more in depth article soon.

L - Legendary | EP - Epic | EL - Elite

SSS Tier PvE

  • Gangelo -L - Ascended or not, the plus poison damage is devastating. Deals poison himself. Paired with Santis and good support, you've found the cheat code to the game. King of speed runs. Best damage in Void tower hard & Mythic.

  • Brand the Brilliant - L

SS Tier PvE

  • Zatlux -EP - Wave clear early to endgame

  • Santis -EP - Poisons, easy to build tanky while still dealing massive dmg to bosses

  • William -EP - 80% more dmg for all team members basic, counter attack, joint attack and defense down. He's a beast.

  • Hakrin -EP - A vital part of so many PvE and PvP defense teams.

  • Blackhorn -L - Top healer + debuff remover in the game.

  • Abaddon -L - Top guild boss, special event boss and all around boss damage dealer.

  • Mytheasia -L - Healer, reviver, shields, & debuff removal. Massive in PvE & PvP on both offense & defense.

  • Rickard -EP - Paired with Hakrin vs bosses or on arena defense this dwarf can hit.

  • Brand -L - Massive support anywhere. Debuff removal, buffs, shields that last the whole turn now and counter attack with attack down.

  • Nathalia -EP - Paired with William. Ultimate turned off. Amazing!

S Tier PvE

A Tier PvE

B Tier PvE

C Tier PvE

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