Awaken Chaos Era | Re-roll Guide


Guaranteed Legendary aka Rookie Summons.

  • You will need to clear normal Adventure 2-8 (Storyline) before you can get to choose a free Legendary Hero to aid you in your game progression! The game will provide you 5 options upon completing the stage, Look at all five options, you'll be able to choose one after summoning all five groups. There will be three legendary heros in group 1, 3 & 5. I highly recommend going for the Legendary Hero since its much more difficult to get them, especially if you are a F2P (Free to Play) player! There are only Fire, Water and Wood element Legendary from the rookie summons. The special Light and Dark Legendary Heroes are obtainable through Advanced Summon!

Which legendary to aim for?

  • There are seven set legendary heroes in the Rookie Summons: Balberith, Evera, Hector, Mytheasia, Valeria, Hydrissea and Mulhex. You will see three of these seven. If you don't see the one you want, you'll need to re-roll.

  • Best adventure farmer are Evera and Hydreissea as they can clear mobs of enemies pretty quickly with their AoE attacks. Mytheasia is an insane healer and the only reviver in the game. If you get a good damage dealing hero like Zatlux from your 1-6 adventure summons, you might want to pick her up.

  • Valeria, was just improved but still feels lacking compared to Evera or Hydrissea.

  • Hector is a strong single-target nuker best for boss raiding such as Armored Incursion (Guild Boss) or Dungeon Bosses (No Man’s Land and Arcane Dominator)

  • Mulhex, brings ally increase attack, single target decrease defense and good aoe damage. A very strong contender for your select summons pick.

  • Balberith, is decent but not particularly great at any one thing.

How to re-roll

  • To re-roll select the star at the top right, go down to settings, account, DATA RESET. This will reset EVERYTHING and start your game over from the beginning.

  • Some players will play till they unlock summons at 1-6, use the available codes, use all their gems to purchase advanced summons and fish for a legendary hero from the limited amount of summons. Think it was around 8-10 advanced summons. If they don't receive a legendary or epic hero they want, they'll reset. Some have done this hundreds of times till they got a hero they wanted and than proceeded to 2-8 for their legendary rookie summons.

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