Awaken Chaos Era | Roaring Tulpa Guide


Roaring Tulpa's attacks

  • Boulder Shield: Grants an unremovable Boulder Shield for 2 turns at the start of the turn at 50% health or less. If the Boulder Shield expires or is destroyed, deals true damage to all enemies. Cooldown 4 rounds.

  • Countering Blow: Counterattacks every 6 enemy attacks.

  • Armor Breaker: Deals damage to an enemy and applies Defense Down for 2 turns.

  • Hulking Fist: Deals Damage to an enemy. Damage scales with this character's defense.

  • Apocalypse: Launches an attack on all enemies ignoring 2% of the targets defense. Applies 50 to targets for Defense Down turns.

Left Golem

  • Deals damage to an enemy.

  • Reckless Charge: Deals damage to all enemies and applies Defense Down for 2 turns.

Right Golem

  • Deals damage to an enemy.

  • Counterattack Boost: +100% damage to the boss's next ability based skill.

Strategies and team compositions

  • Roaring Tulpa is Wood Affinity which means Fire will do +50% more damage and has a 50% chance when hit to take 50% less damage.

  • A solid team for all of Tulpa is Siress, Connor, Asrina and another strong fire damage dealer.

  • Connor, is your healer/buff and a free hero.

  • Asrina, is a free hero as well, together with Connor and two other fire damage dealers you should do very well in Tulpa.

  • Siress a Synthesis/fusion hero.

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