Awaken Chaos Era | Shadow Captive guide


Shadow Captive's attacks

  • Plague: Attacks apply Plague to the enemy. Max 10 stack(s). At Plague stacks(s), deals massive damage to all enemies.

  • Swiftshadow: Speed + 100%

  • Plague Attack: Deals damage to an enemy and applies 2 stack(s) of plague.

  • Plague Source: Deals damage to all enemies and creates a Plague Zone for 3 turn(s). Applies 2 stack(s) of Plague on all enemies at the end of every round.

  • Plague Outbreak: Deals damage to all enemies and applies 2 sack(s) of Plague. Damage scales with the number of stacks of Plague on each target.

Dark Priest

  • Healing Block: Deals damage to an enemy, with a 80% chance to apply unhealable for 2 turn(s).

  • Reckless Charge: Deals damage to all enemies and applies Defense Down for 2 turns.

Strategies and team compositions

  • Shadow Captive is Shadow Affinity which means Light will do +50% more damage.

  • Characters that can easily cleanse debuffs can make this an easy fight. Blackhorn, is a staple here, Brand can be used as well.

  • Bring your 1 cleanser, and a team full of nukers, this is an easy fight that you can generally zerg down.

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