Awaken Chaos Era | Spells

Smoldering Flames: Damages all enemies. Damage scales with the sum of all team members' Attack. This attack cannot trigger any subsequent ability. 5 Turn Cooldown.

Gaia's Renewal: Heals all team members by 15% of Max Health and grand them Heal Over Time for 3 turn(s). 6 Turn Cooldown.

Water Prison: Applies Stun on an enemy for 1 turn(s) and removes 1 positive effect. 6 Turn Cooldown

Last Breath: Revives a random ally and reset all their ability cooldowns. Ally dies after taking 1 action. 5 Turn Cooldown.

Sundering Purgatory: Applies Defense Down on all enemies for 2 turn(s). 4 Turn Cooldown.

Shield of Mercy: Grants a shield blocking one instance of Leath Damage to an ally which restores 15% of Max Health upon removal. 5 Turn Cooldown.

Stone Shackles: Applies petrified to a target (an enemy or ally) for 1 turn(s) and restores 15% of Max Health. 5 Turn Cooldown.

Rage Aura: 30% Attack for the current turn. 4 Turn Cooldown.

Agile Leap: Skips this character's turn to allow an ally to come first in the action queue. REmoves all negative effects from the ally. 4 Turn Cooldown.

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