Awaken Chaos Era | Wrathful Flood guide


Wrathful Flood's attacks

Strategies and team compositions

  • Bane Wraith is Water Affinity which means Wood will do +50% more damage and has a 50% chance when hit to take 50% less damage.

  • Wrathful Flood has several healing abilities. Bringing a character with unhealable, like Darkened Nicklaus, Hulens, Freya, and Rujago can make this fight quite easy, however they are not necessary.

  • If you do not have a character with unhealable, bring heavy hitters, with one healer so you can out damage the boss's slow healing, while giving your team the sustain to do so. Zatlux, Evera, William, Savannah, and other wood-heavy hitters will be your go-to. Blackhorn makes an excellent sustain.

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