Raid Shadow Legends | Karato Foxhunter Fusion & Calendar

Fuse a brand-new Legendary from the Shadowkin!

The time has come for a classic Fusion event! From February 10 until February 27, a brand-new Legendary Shadowkin Champion - Karato Foxhunter - will be available for Fusion at the Portal.

o get Karato, you will need four Fyljas.

Each Fylja can be fused from the same four Rare Champions: Trugorr, Spymaster, Medicus, and Cagebound. In addition, Fylja will be available directly in a special Event.

Below is the full breakdown of Events and Tournaments where you can get the required Champions.

Fylja: Summon Rush (February 11-15)


  • Dungeon Divers Event I (February 12-16)

  • Champion Training Event (February 14-19)

  • Dragon Tournament (February 18-21)

  • Artifact Enhancement Event III (February 22-25)


  • Ice Golem Tournament (February 10-13)

  • Artifact Enhancement Event I (February 12-15)

  • Classic Arena Takedown II (February 17-20)

  • Dungeon Divers Event II (February 19-22)


  • Classic Arena Takedown I (February 10-13)

  • Spider Tournament (February 14-17)

  • Artifact Enhancement Event II (February 17-20)

  • Champion Training Tournament (February 21-25)


  • Summon Rush (February 11-15)

  • Champion Training Event (February 14-19)

  • Champion Chase Tournament (February 18-21)

  • Fire Knight Tournament (February 22-25)

Note: Events and Tournaments start and finish for everyone at the same in-game time. Make sure you plan accordingly: check the Events or Tournaments window to see exactly what time an event ends in your local timezone.

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